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US Predators strike twice in North Waziristan

The pair of strikes took place in Datta Khel, a known hub for al Qaeda. Uzbeks and Haqqani Network members were reported killed in the attacks.

CIA escalates campaign in Pakistan

US struggles to counter Taliban propaganda

'Militant attack' on NATO tankers questioned

More than three dozen NATO fuel tankers and container trucks were destroyed in a pair of attacks in Shikarpur and and Baluchistan; two civilians were killed. Ten suspects have been detained in the larger attack in Shikarpur. Former President Pervez Musharraf has returned to Pakistan politics.

Report: Osama bin Laden ordered Mumbai-style attacks in Europe

bin-laden-audiotape-oct-2010-thumb.jpgOsama bin Laden ordered the recent Mumbai-style plot against cities in Europe. Multiple like-minded jihadist organizations assisted al Qaeda in the operation.

Senior Taliban commander based in Pakistan detained in Kandahar

The unnamed commander directed operations in Kandahar from the border city of Chaman in Pakistan. Chaman is a known command and control hub for Taliban operations in the Afghan south.

Bin Laden told partners to plan Mumbai-like attacks

Poll: US strikes unpopular in Pakistan tribal belt

US tense over Pakistan

'Militants' savage NATO convoy in southern Pakistan

Pakistan closed NATO's supply route in Afghanistan after claiming three Frontier Corps troops were killed by US troops in a cross-border strike. Twenty-seven NATO fuel trucks were destroyed in an attack in Shikarpur. Eight Germans and two Britons were killed in the Sept. 8 Predator strike in North Waziristan.

9/11 hijackers' mosque tied to recent terror plot against Europe

Mamoun-Darkazanli.jpgThe recently uncovered terrorist plot against Europe is tied to the same mosque frequented by some of the 9/11 hijackers. The Taiba mosque was closed in August 2010, just weeks after a key terror suspect who attended the mosque was detained in Afghanistan.

Germans, Britons linked to Europe plot killed in recent US Predator strike

Eight Germans and two Britons are said to have been killed in the same strike that killed an Islamic Jihad Group leader who trained Germans to return to their home country to carry out terror attacks.

Times Square plotter 'planned second bomb attack'

Pakistan closes NATO supply route after latest US cross-border attack

Pakistan claimed three Frontier Corps troops were killed by ISAF helicopters. ISAF confirms its helicopters briefly engaged Haqqani Network forces across the border.

Security officials claimed NATO forces killed three Pakistani soldiers in a cross-border attack in Kurram. Pakistan's foreign minister said the military may respond to cross border raids from Afghanistan. Up to 20 Britons may be training at terror camps in Pakistan.

European terror plot begins to unravel

An increase in Predator strikes against al Qaeda groups in Pakistan and operations against the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan in northern Afghanistan is linked to a plot to carry out a Mumbai-like terror assault in several cities in Europe.

Britons training in Pakistan for UK terror attacks

Taliban vow to expand fight