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US defeat in Afghanistan will lead to regional instability

Pakistan threatens to ban Google unless it cleans up YouTube

ISAF targets al Qaeda leaders in Kunar

Over the past several days, ISAF launched five raids against two senior al Qaeda leaders and two al Qaeda-linked Taliban commanders in Kunar and Nuristan provinces.

Local Taliban commander killed in latest drone strike in Pakistan

Mutaqi was reportedly preparing to lead fighters across the border to wage jihad in Afghanistan. The Obama administration has claimed that drone strikes would be conducted only against targets that pose an "imminent threat" to the US.

The minister of state for foreign affairs castigated a US Embassy official for a drone strike, and called the US attacks a "violation of Pakistan's sovereignty and territorial integrity." Yesterday's drone strike in North Waziristan killed six "militants."

Substantial plans: 'Pakistan Army to be withdrawn from Swat'

US Internet spying foiled plot to attack NY subways - sources

US drones kill 6 in North Waziristan

predator-uav.jpgThe strike is the first in the Shawal Valley, a known terrorist haven, since late 2012. An unidentified "high value target" is reported to have been killed.

US adds al Qaeda explosives expert to list of global terrorists

Abd al Hamid al Masli, a Libyan, is a "key improvised explosive device (IED) facilitator" who operates in Waziristan. He temporarily served as the head of al Qaeda's military committee, likely after Abdullah Said al Libi, the former head of the Lashkar al Zil, was killed in a drone strike.

Window Closes For Pakistani Peace Talks With Taliban

Nawaz Sharif, the head of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, has been sworn in as prime minister. Sharif immediately called for the US to end drone strikes in Pakistan's tribal area. In the past he has called for negotiations with the Taliban.

Afghanistan - MoI Seeks UN's Help to Handle Pakistan

Engineer-turned-militia leader takes on Taliban

Missing context on the tribal 'Awakening' in Panjwai

Suicide bomber kills 10 Afghan students, 2 US soldiers

The suicide bomber targeted a US and Afghan Local Police patrol as it passed by a high school in Paktia province. The US has stepped up raids against the Haqqani Network in Paktia.

Pakistan - Other side of 'targeted operations'

Pakistan - Christian representatives seek 'mass asylum' in US, EU, Canada and Australia

Twenty Taliban fighters and three soldiers were killed during fighting in Arakzai. The Taliban killed a member of a police committee in Peshawar, and killed a security official and bombed a girls' school in Bannu.

Pakistani Taliban confirm death of deputy emir in drone strike

Spokesman Ihsanullah Ihsan said that Waliur Rehman was indeed killed yesterday in a drone strike in North Waziristan. Rehman was wanted by the US for involvement in terror plots, including the failed Times Square bombing.

After vowing transparency, US mum on drone killing