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US halts aid to some Pakistan military units

The military killed four Taliban fighters in Arakzai and four more in Kurram. Six Taliban fighters, including their commander, were killed in an IED blast in Kurram. Two of Jalaluddin Haqqani's sons are mediating negotiations in Kurram.

ICRC urges Pakistan to grant access to detention centres

India - 42 terror camps active in PoK, new ones added: Army Chief

Taliban: 'Britons are our main bankrollers'

Coalition routs Taliban in southern Afghanistan

Taliban second in command in talks with Afghan and US officials

The Taliban killed three paramilitary soldiers in Khyber and wounded a policeman in a grenade attack in Peshawar. Police found four stolen NATO containers in Peshawar. The prime minister said the military will not be deployed in Karachi.

Al Qaeda IED cell member properly detained at Gitmo, judge finds

A DC district judge denied the petition for a writ of habeas corpus filed by an Afghan detained at Gitmo. The judge's decision and declassified memos produced at Gitmo indicate that the detainee, known as Obaydullah, was a member of an al Qaeda IED cell tasked with attacking US forces.

Get tough on Pakistan

Taliban step up attacks in South Waziristan

Eight Pakistani soldiers have been killed in attacks since Oct. 15, and another was captured.

US plans increased military aid for Pakistan

Petraeus rewrites the playbook in Afghanistan

Pakistan: 4-day death toll rises to 51 in Karachi

Twenty-nine people died in targeted killings in Karachi. The Taliban killed three Pakistani soldiers in South Waziristan and destroyed two NATO supply trucks in Kalat. The US is finalizing a $2 billion military aid package to Pakistan.

Pakistan's haven for terror unit irks US

High-level talks aim for an end to the Afghan war

CIA inquiry finds 'systemic breakdowns' in Afghan bombing that killed agents

'Al Qaeda associate' killed during Kunar operation

Gul Nabi was killed during a firefight in the Pech River Valley. Nabi "facilitated the movement of Pakistani and Arab fighters into Kunar province."

Indian gov't: Pakistan spies tied to Mumbai siege