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Pakistan - Intelligence agencies monitoring 6,000 suspected persons

Pakistan militant variety tests West security: US

US uses attacks to nudge Taliban toward a deal

US Predators launch pair of strikes in Mir Ali

Up to five "militants" were reported killed. Five of the last 11 strikes have hit targets in Mir Ali.

The prime minister said no promise has been made to tackle the Taliban in North Waziristan. Security forces detained seven Lashkar-e-Jhangvi members for plotting to attack the prime minister of Pakistan. The Taliban bombed a shrine in Landikotal and released a video of a professor kidnapped in September.

Pakistan flood crisis blamed partly on deforestation by 'timber mafia,' Taliban

What Pakistan wants: US aid

Gilani's remarks disrespect for Afghan sovereignty: Pakistani nationalists

Coalition, Afghan troops capture deputy shadow governor in Nimroz

A senior IED facilitator was also captured during a recent raid in the southwestern province.

Delhi on terror alert for Commonwealth Games closing ceremony

Pakistan must bring rich into tax net, says Hillary

Massive rise in kidnappings in Pakistani province of Khyber Pakthoonkhwa

Afghan peace council chief: Taliban ready to talk

US Predators pounded a compound and two vehicles several times in the town of Lataka in the Datta Khel area in North Waziristan, killing 11 "militants" including two foreigners. The Taliban killed three pro-government tribal leaders in attacks in Mohmand.

US backs Taliban talks

US Predators kill 11 'militants' in al Qaeda hub of Datta Khel

Predators and Reapers hit four separate targets in the town of Lataka, indicating that a high-value target was the focus of the strike.

Linda Norgrove: US navy Seal faces disciplinary action over grenade death

Taliban border haven in US sights

Turkey to fully support Pakistan in rehabilitation

Al-Qaida group to Yemeni president: 'Run for your life'