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Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda terrorist leader, hunted in Pakistan by CIA

NATO official: Bin Laden, deputy hiding in northwest Pakistan

Iran sends delegate to meeting on Afghanistan

Qari Hussain - terror still walks

Pakistan is not conducting 'surgical' raids in North Waziristan

Pakistan - Why attack the shrines?

Sixteen people were killed in attacks in Karachi. Security forces killed two Taliban fighters and detained another in Swat. The Taliban bombed a school in Peshawar.

US military, civilian officials claim progress in Afghan war

Pakistan - How to defuse a human bomb: rescuing Taliban™s teenage recruits

Pakistan seeks drone technology

Pakistan - TTP plans poisonous gas attacks

Before '08 Mumbai attacks, US was warned key figure in plot had terror ties

Pakistan - FO defends military policy in northwest

Conflicting reports mean the death of senior Pakistani Taliban leader unlikely

qari-hussain.JPGThe Taliban denied that Qari Hussain Mehsud was killed, while US intelligence officials refused to confirm the reports. Qari Hussain is known as the "teacher of suicide bombers."

Probe links European plot to 9/11

The US killed nine "militants' in a pair of airstrikes in Mir Ali in North Waziristan. The Taliban killed five Pakistani soldiers and captured one other during an attack on a checkpoint in South Waziristan, and also killed three truck drivers in attacks on NATO supply trucks in Khyber and Kalat. Four tribal militia members and three Taliban fighters were killed in a clash in Arakzai.

Pakistan - Supreme court directs law enforcement agencies to check rising incidents of acid attacks

Pakistan - Intelligence agencies monitoring 6,000 suspected persons

Pakistan militant variety tests West security: US

US uses attacks to nudge Taliban toward a deal