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Rebuilding lags in Pakistan area after offensive

Pakistani Christian woman appeals over death sentence

US Predators kill 4 in North Waziristan

Four civilians may have been killed in the latest US Predator strike.

US, Afghan troops beat back Taliban assault on outpost in the east

Six Taliban fighters, including one wearing a suicide vest, were killed in the failed attack on Forward Operating Base Fenty.

Brigade 313, al Qaeda's military arm in Pakistan, and the Taliban carried out the Nov. 11 assault on the police investigation headquarters in Karachi that killed 17 people. Several members of the assault team escaped.

Brigade 313 and Taliban team up for Karachi assault

Ilyas Kashmiri is thought to have planned yesterday's attack on the Crime Investigation Department headquarters in a highly secured area of Karachi. Several members of the assault team escaped during the battle.

Source: Hunt for bin Laden missed 'real opportunity'

Pakistan's supreme court hauls up spy chiefs

Witnesses in Karachi bombing say some terrorists may have escaped

Coup in Pakistan 'a real possibility'

Pakistan - Taliban, military attacks in deadly lockstep

Sources: Al Qaeda eyes more Mumbai-style attacks

French minister details terror cell

A suicide assault team killed 18 people in an attack on a police headquarters in Karachi. US Predators killed six Haqqani Network fighters in North Waziristan. Pakistani aircraft killed six Taliban fighters in Arakzai. The Taliban torched two NATO supply trailers in Mastung.

Taliban kill 18 in suicide assault on police headquarters in Karachi

Two Taliban commanders and six Lashkar-e-Jhangvi operatives were being interrogated at the police headquarters when it was struck. The Taliban claimed it carried out the attack.

Taliban weapons recovered from assault on COP Margah

US Predators kill 6 Haqqani Network fighters in North Waziristan

The Haqqani Network fighters were killed in a missile barrage while returning from Khost province in Afghanistan.

Pakistan - 'Intelligence officials™, police thrash journalists

Taliban insurgency alive and well, warns British major general

France says terror suspects were planning attack