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Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan commander killed in Afghan north

Qari Mahmad Umar, a shadow district governor in Takhar, was also a senior leader in the al Qaeda-linked Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan.

Five people were killed in a bombing at a Sufi shrine in Pakpattan. Three people were killed in an IED attack in Arakzai. The military sealed the border between Kurram and Afghanistan. Two suicide bombers were detained in Karachi.

Pakistan feudalism boosts Taliban cause

North Waziristan operation reports upset Taliban

Taliban peace talks with Hamid Karzai are 'mostly hype'

Jammu & Kashmir police fear terror attacks ahead of Obama's visit

Pakistan's Pashtuns feel more alone than ever

Pakistan border region becomes terror epicenter

5 killed in bombing at shrine in eastern Pakistan

A remotely triggered bomb was detonated this morning at a Sufi and Hindu shrine in the city of Pakpattan in Punjab province.

Security forces killed 17 Taliban fighters in Swat and Arakzai. The Taliban bombed two schools in Bajaur and torched two NATO trucks in Khuzdar.

Pakistani security officials seek larger role in negotiations with Taliban

Pakistan resists US push to expand terror fight

Afghan warlords prepare to rearm as Taliban arrive for peace talks in Kabul

Despite successful US attacks on Taliban leaders in Afghanistan's northwest, insurgency remains in control

US seeks wider CIA role in Pakistan

India is waging a lone battle against terror

Western media getting Afghanistan wrong

Pakistani Taliban leader's former bodyguard nabbed, sources say

The Pakistani military killed 12 Taliban fighters in helicopter strikes in Arakzai. General Wyne, the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, said the Taliban's network has been broken and the group is on the verge of defeat.

Kohistan, Chitral are quiet terrorist havens in northwestern Pakistan