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A Lashkar-e-Jhangvi suicide bomber killed one person in an attack that targeted the chief minister of Baluchistan. Security forces killed three Taliban fighters in Swat and detained 13 terrorists in Karachi. The Taliban bombed a school in Peshawar.

No need to launch a North Waziristan operation, it is already underway

Woman from Swat recounts ordeal under Taliban

Evolution of Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan branches back to Central Asia

Nicolas Sarkozy launches attack on Pakistan over terrorist safe havens

US has failed on main Afghan goals, ex-spy chief says

IED eradication needs global attention, general says

Pakistani Taliban takes special aim at pro-government tribal militias

The Taliban claimed a dual suicide attack that killed 50 people in Mohmand; the bombers targeted a meeting of tribal leaders and government officials. A US Predator strike killed five "militants" in the Datta Khel area of North Waziristan.

Teen arrested in Oregon car bomb plot led 2 lives

US Predators kill 5 'militants' in North Waziristan strike

Predators fired four missiles at targets in the Datta Khel area. The strike is the first in eight days.

Al-Qaeda backs massive push in Swat

Afghan poll shows falling confidence in US efforts to secure country

Al Qaeda organizes Taliban operations in Pakistan's northwest

Suicide bomber kills 50 in attack on tribal leaders in northwestern Pakistan

The suicide bombers targeted anti-Taliban tribal leaders as they met with local officials in the main town of Mohmand.

Mumbai-attack 'handlers' identified

Cables reflect tensions over terrorism funding

Cash flow to terrorists evades US efforts

Pak-Afghan accord to knock out militant sanctuaries

Haqqani Network suicide bomber kills 2 US troops in Afghan east

The attack is the latest against military and police installations in the Afghan east, where the Haqqani Network remains strong.