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India says Pakistan must drop 'terror' for friendly ties

Ibn Amin, a senior Taliban and al Qaeda commander, was killed in the Dec. 17 Predator strike in Khyber. The Peshawar High Court released hundreds of Taliban fighters. The Taliban ambushed a NATO fuel convoy in Khyber and destroyed two tankers. Four terrorists were detained in Khyber.

Pakistan: Militants 'surrounded convoy' before destroying trucks with rockets

Jordanian al Qaeda operative killed in Afghanistan

Abu Kandahar al Zarqawi was an administrator at the jihadist Al Hesbah forum and an associate of Abu Dujanah al Khurasani, the suicide bomber who carried out the suicide attack against the CIA at Combat Outpost Chapman in Khost province.

Al Qaeda-linked Taliban leader reported killed in Khyber Predator strike

Ibn-Amin.JPGIbn Amin, the leader of the Tora Bora Brigade in Swat, was killed in one of three Predator strikes in Khyber on Dec. 17.

Afghan insurgent faction says backs gas pipeline

Pakistan - Religious extremism rears its head in Sindh

Al-Qaida aims to 'bring down' Pakistan: Biden

Chinese premier praises Pakistan

AfPak cartoons

Taliban attack Afghan army bases in Kabul, Kunduz

The Taliban claimed the two attacks, which targeted army recruitment centers. Thirteen soldiers and policemen were killed in the assaults.

Pakistani intelligence official denies agency role in revealing name of CIA station chief

Quetta Shura 'inspector' killed in the Afghan north

Taliban leader linked to Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Islam captured in Afghan east

ISAF mentioned the Lashkar-e-Islam for the first time, just one day after US Predators pounded the group's strongholds across the border in Pakistan's Khyber agency.

Why we must stick with Obama's Afghan strategy

Pakistani role is suspected in revealing US spy's name

US Predators killed 54 Taliban and Lashkar-e-Islam fighters in three airstrikes in Khyber. The ISI is believed to have outed the CIA station chief in Islamabad. The Taliban bombed a girl's school in Peshawar.

Thoughts on AfPak strategy review

On the Afghanistan assessment

Mullen: Taliban hideouts can be shut down