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Pakistan food program set to resume

US Predators killed 25 terrorists in a pair of strikes in North Waziristan. The Taliban killed a security official in Khyber. Security forces killed six Taliban fighters in Swat. ISAF denied its helicopters crossed the border into Pakistan.

Militias stem Pakistani Taliban, but at what cost?

Necessity pushes Pakistani women into jobs and peril

Suicide bombings in Pakistan: the bloodiest year

States of conflict: An update on Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan

US Predators kill 25 'rebels' in pair of strikes in North Waziristan

The strikes are the first in 10 days, and the first in the Mir Ali area since the end of November.

Taliban fighters appear quieted in Afghanistan

The World Food Program shut down aid delivery in Bajaur after yesterday's suicide attack. The Taliban killed a truck driver in Mastung who was transporting supplies to NATO forces in Afghanistan. Prime Minister Gilani said US drone attacks in Pakistan are counterproductive.

Pakistan to review blasphemy laws, official says

Pakistan's rape victim who dared to fight back

Petraeus commends Pakistan's counterinsurgency

Pakistan - Jamaat-e-Islami against US summon of ISI officials

Al Qaida-allied Afghan fighters seek new Pakistan haven

Taliban challenge US in eastern Afghanistan

Pakistan's interior minister for changing pro-terror mindset

Pakistan's 'Mother Teresa' on floods frontline

A female Taliban suicide bomber killed 42 civilians in an attack at a World Food Program ration distribution point in Bajaur. The Taliban kidnapped 25 tribal leaders who met with General Kayani in South Waziristan. Security forces killed 16 Taliban fighters in Mohmand.

Female suicide bomber kills 42 people in Pakistan's northwest

The suicide bomber targeted civilians as they waited to receive rations at a World Food Program distribution point in Bajaur.

Pakistan - Protestors warn of anarchy if blasphemy law changed