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Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey to hold joint drills

Taliban assault Pakistani military checkpoints in Mohmand

Eleven Pakistani soldiers and 24 Taliban fighters were killed in heavy fighting after the Taliban assaulted five checkpoints in the tribal agency.

Pakistan detains top Haqqani Network leader

naisruddin_i_crop.jpgNasiruddin Haqqani was reportedly detained after returning from the hajj in Saudi Arabia, where he conducted fundraising for the Haqqani Network.

As drone strikes have increased, so have assassinations, Pakistanis say

Al-Qaeda finds new friends

Swiss official urges charging three with nuke smuggling

Pakistani Taliban commander reported killed in Kunar

Pakistan - US suits against ISI chief a 'futile' exercise

Afghan Taliban leadership splintered by intense US military campaign

India - Mumbai, Ahmedabad put on terror alert

Pakistan, Iran jockey for influence after bombings

ISAF's top spokesman said there was "absolutely no truth" to rumors that special operations raids would target the Taliban in Pakistan. Pakistan's ambassador to the US insisted foreign troops could not operate on its soil. The Taliban torched two NATO container trucks in Khudzar.

US, NATO not planning ground ops in Pakistan, officials say

ISAF: 'Absolutely no truth' to rumors of cross-border raids into Pakistan

Drone activity in Pakistan moves northward, official says

US to expand ground ops in Pakistan?

Afghanistan feels the squeeze

India says Pakistan must drop 'terror' for friendly ties

Ibn Amin, a senior Taliban and al Qaeda commander, was killed in the Dec. 17 Predator strike in Khyber. The Peshawar High Court released hundreds of Taliban fighters. The Taliban ambushed a NATO fuel convoy in Khyber and destroyed two tankers. Four terrorists were detained in Khyber.

Pakistan: Militants 'surrounded convoy' before destroying trucks with rockets