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Pakistan faces a divide of age on Muslim law

Saudi Arabia names 47 most-wanted terrorists

None of the 47 al Qaeda operatives are in Saudi Arabia. Twenty-seven of them are thought to be in Pakistan and Afghanistan, 16 are thought to be in Yemen, and four more are believed to be in Iraq.

'Not just White girls, Pak Muslim men sexually target Hindu and Sikh girls as well' - UK Hindu and Sikh organizations

Pope urges Pakistan to scrap blasphemy law

Mumtaz Qadri admits killing Governor Salman Taseer

Sermons motivated killer of Pakistani politician

'The killer of my father, Salman Taseer, was showered with rose petals by fanatics. How could they do this?'

Pakistan released HUJI chief, unable to keep him behind bars

Pakistan's release of militant stirs questions

India to hold firm in Afghanistan despite threats

Pakistan - More than 40,000 protest blasphemy law change: police

Pakistan - Bearded cops to be banned from VVIP security detail

India - 'Afghanistan peace process cannot be Pak-driven'

Afghans vent fury with Iran over fuel blockade

ISAF targets al Qaeda-linked Taliban commanders in the Afghan east

Recent raids have targeted Taliban leaders in Kunar and Nangarhar with close ties to al Qaeda. Both provinces host al Qaeda cells.

A Pakistani's assassin's long reach

Pakistan - Death to those who disagree

Two Taliban fighters died in a premature detonation in Khyber. The Taliban bombed a health clinic in Mohmand. Security forces arrested four "religious extremists" in Quetta.

Pakistan - Terrorists on the run in FATA, PAC told

Mullah Dadullah Front behind Kandahar suicide attack

The attack killed 17 people, including a senior anti-Taliban police commander. The Mullah Dadullah Front is a wing of the Taliban in the Afghan south that has adopted al Qaeda's tactics and ideology.