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One person was killed in a rocket attack in Mardan. The Taliban bombed a health clinic in Mohmand and torched two NATO fuel tankers in Kalat.

Canadian militants training for jihad: reports

Canada - Police probe claims of locals training with al-Qaeda

North Waziristan did not feature in Zardari-Obama talks

Urban 'terrorism' growing threat in Pakistan: report

Taliban attack NATO fuel trucks in Baluchistan

The Taliban claimed it carried out the attack on 16 NATO fuel tankers in Baluchistan. Five Taliban fighters were killed in a landmine explosion in Arakzai.

Pakistan - Madrassah reforms making no headway

Pakistan - Tank police imparted anti-terrorism training

Save energy, save our troops

Al-Qaeda to unleash Western jihadis

Pakistani terrorist fight leads to polio spike

Death threats for Pakistan blasphemy law reformers

Security forces killed 21 Taliban fighters in Arakzai and Kurram. The Taliban killed a policewoman and five relatives in Bannu, and destroyed 20 NATO fuel tankers in Baluchistan. Five people in North Waziristan were killed by a mortar fired from Afghanistan.

Hardliners rally against Pope across Pakistan's Punjab

Police: Two clerics in Pakistan allegedly inspired governor's killing

The Taliban killed four policemen in IED attacks in Bannu and Khyber. Security forces killed seven Taliban fighters in Arakzai. Seventeen people, including a journalist, were killed in Karachi. Lashkar-e-Taiba chief Hafiz Saeed wants the government to defend him in a US court.

Taseer assassin also guarded Zardari, Gilani

Pakistan 'epicentre' for global terrorism: Mike Mullen

Turkistan Islamic Party identifies senior leader killed in Afghanistan

Shaykh Qurban Ata was a Chinese Uighur who was killed in the February 2010 airstrike in Badghis province.