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Why we must stick with Obama's Afghan strategy

Pakistani role is suspected in revealing US spy's name

US Predators killed 54 Taliban and Lashkar-e-Islam fighters in three airstrikes in Khyber. The ISI is believed to have outed the CIA station chief in Islamabad. The Taliban bombed a girl's school in Peshawar.

Thoughts on AfPak strategy review

On the Afghanistan assessment

Mullen: Taliban hideouts can be shut down

Pakistani economist: China is a more reliable trading partner than the US

US sharpens criticism of Afghan corruption

Petraeus: All strategy aspects contribute to progress

'Ratlines' threaten White House Afghan war plans

US Predators launch 3 more strikes in Khyber, killing 54 'terrorists'

The last four strikes have taken place in Khyber, signaling a possible shift in targeting from North Waziristan, where attacks have been focused.

Pakistan - 67% want military operation in North Waziristan: poll

US struggles to root out militants in Pakistani madrassa

Report shows how Pakistan still bedevils Obama

US Predators killed seven Taliban fighters in an airstrike in Khyber. Security forces detained two Lashkar-e-Jhangvi operatives in Karachi. The Taliban killed a young child in a grenade attack targeting a Shia procession in Peshawar.

Analysis: 'Lady al Qaeda' in propaganda

aafia-siddiqui-thumb.jpgTop al Qaeda ideologue Abu Yahya al Libi has released a new tape imploring Muslims to wage jihad on behalf of Aafia Siddiqui. It is the second such tape released by al Qaeda in recent months.

ISI blows cover of CIA man in Islamabad

US Predators kill 7 Taliban fighters in Khyber

predator-uav.jpgThe strike in Khyber is just the second in the vital tribal agency this year.

Hafiz Saeed makes public appearance, supports blasphemy laws

Obama war review: Taliban, al-Qaida diminished