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Pakistan won't tolerate US 'great game' in region

Biden reassures Pakistan in speech as bomb kills 16

US Predators kill 4 'foreigners' in North Waziristan strike

The strike took place in the Mir Ali area, a known haven for al Qaeda and the Islamic Jihad Group.

British men believed to be kidnapped in Pakistan

Pakistan elite silent after Taseer assassination

Father of Taliban dies

Ambassador in Pakistan appeals to wanted Saudis

Pakistani govt playing in hands of extremists, mullahs: Burney

Pakistan: Islamists criticise Pope's anti-blasphemy law comments

US troops hope for winter breakthrough in Afghanistan

Pakistan: Minorities minister urges reform of blasphemy law

ISAF kills, captures Taliban and IMU leaders in Afghan north

In Kunduz, a senior Taliban and Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan commander was killed along with the Taliban's shadow governor of Khanabad, and a senior facilitator involved in a recent suicide assault was captured.

Wanted Saudi married to Osama bin Laden's daughter

Biden says US will help Afghanistan after pullout

In realm of religion, women lose out

Pakistan faces a divide of age on Muslim law

Saudi Arabia names 47 most-wanted terrorists

None of the 47 al Qaeda operatives are in Saudi Arabia. Twenty-seven of them are thought to be in Pakistan and Afghanistan, 16 are thought to be in Yemen, and four more are believed to be in Iraq.

'Not just White girls, Pak Muslim men sexually target Hindu and Sikh girls as well' - UK Hindu and Sikh organizations

Pope urges Pakistan to scrap blasphemy law

Mumtaz Qadri admits killing Governor Salman Taseer