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After assassination, Pakistan's Christians fear for their lives

Barelvi clerics feted Governor Taseer's assassin and warned Pakistanis not to mourn Taseer's death, while lawyers showered the assassin with rose petals as he entered a courtroom. The US and Pakistan are stalemated over the transfer of drone technology.

Pakistani men grooming British girls for sex

Pakistani lawyers, 'moderate' Muslim group fete governor's assassin

Salman Taseer: Thousands mourn Pakistan governor

Pakistan Muslim scholars praise killer of governor

Salman Taseer assassination points to Pakistani extremists' mounting power

Killing of governor deepens crisis in Pakistan

Punjab's governor was assassinated by his bodyguard for opposing the country's blasphemy law. The Taliban killed a "spy" and chopped off the hand of a thief in Arakzai, and bombed a NATO fuel tanker in Khyber. Security forces arrested 39 suspected Taliban fighters in Mohmand.

Bodyguard assassinates Pakistani governor for opposition to blasphemy law

Pakistan releases top al Qaeda-linked terrorist leader

Qari-Saifullah-Akhtar.jpgQari Saifullah Akhtar, the leader of the Harakat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami, was recently freed after being placed into "protective custody" in August.

Latest Predator strike rumor: AQAP's leader killed in North Waziristan

Another rumor of Qari Hussain's death in October Predator strike

India, Pakistan and their growing nuclear arsenal

Afghanis seek peace with the Taliban in Pakistan

The way out of Afghanistan

ISAF, Afghan forces killed deputy shadow governor in the north

Bahadur had close ties to the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, an al Qaeda affiliate, and was also linked to Taliban leaders in Pakistan.

New defection leaves Pakistan with minority government

The US killed 19 "militants," including four "foreigners" in three separate airstrikes in North Waziristan. Prime Minister Gilani said the US would ultimately end the Predator strikes as they are "counterproductive."

India, Pakistan exchange lists of nuclear installations