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Pakistan: Government in new 'tug of war' with Baloch separatists

US Embassy demands release of 'unlawfully detained' diplomat who shot 2 Pakistanis

Taliban suicide bomber kills deputy governor of Kandahar

A Taliban suicide bomber driving a motorcycle picked out Deputy Governor Abdul Latif's car in a convoy traveling in Kandahar city.

'LeT supplied grenades for 7 terror attacks in Bangladesh'

US diplomat tells court he killed 2 Pakistani men in self-defense

Pak-China trade jumps by 28 percent to $8.7 billion

Security forces killed 28 Taliban fighters in Mohmand. The Taliban killed four people in two bombings in Kohat, and torched two NATO fuel tankers in Dhaddar.

Pakistani extremists step up 'blasphemy' attacks

Pakistan seeks US security for gas pipeline

Pakistan gets role in Afghan peace talks

A US consular official shot and killed two Pakistani men on a motorcycle who are said to have been attempting to rob him in Lahore. One civilian was killed as Americans in a separate car raced to help. Security forces killed 12 Taliban fighters, including two suicide bombers, in Mohmand.

US consular employees kill 2 'gunmen,' civilian in Lahore

American embassy official in Pakistan kills suspected armed robbers

Global Muslim population gains will outstrip non-Muslim growth over the next 20 years

Pakistan: Supreme Court petition urges martial law in Karachi

Afghan police pledge justice for Taliban stoning

ISAF targets another IMU leader in Takhar

The Taliban in Pakistan: We've got a bigger problem now

Protest in Rome against Pakistan's blasphemy law

'Foreign trainers' active in southeastern Afghan province

"Arabs, Chechens, and Pakistanis" are supporting the Taliban in Ghazni province, while Pakistani intelligence is sabotaging security.