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Marines of Operation Godfather see stark improvement in deadly Helmand province

Pakistan - PHA allows hardliners to continue hate campaign

Pakistan - Judge says no to arrest warrants for clerics

US Predators kill 5 'militants' in al Qaeda stronghold of Datta Khel

Today's strike in North Waziristan is the first in six days, and the sixth since the new year.

Pakistan: Prime minister confirms govt has no plans to amend blasphemy law

Pakistan's failure to hit militant sanctuary has positive side for US

Seventeen people were killed in a bus bombing in Hangu; no terror group has claimed the attack. The Taliban bombed a NATO fuel tanker in Khyber.

17 killed in bus bombing in northwestern Pakistan

The attack is the latest in an area adjacent to the Taliban-controlled tribal agency of North Waziristan.

Canadian jihadists training in North Waziristan: report

The Canadians were recruited to train in Pakistan after fighting for nine months in Afghanistan.

One person was killed in a rocket attack in Mardan. The Taliban bombed a health clinic in Mohmand and torched two NATO fuel tankers in Kalat.

Canadian militants training for jihad: reports

Canada - Police probe claims of locals training with al-Qaeda

North Waziristan did not feature in Zardari-Obama talks

Urban 'terrorism' growing threat in Pakistan: report

Taliban attack NATO fuel trucks in Baluchistan

The Taliban claimed it carried out the attack on 16 NATO fuel tankers in Baluchistan. Five Taliban fighters were killed in a landmine explosion in Arakzai.

Pakistan - Madrassah reforms making no headway

Pakistan - Tank police imparted anti-terrorism training

Save energy, save our troops

Al-Qaeda to unleash Western jihadis