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Pakistan - Lives at risk as terrorist threat to shrines remains

Taliban mourn death of 'eminent commander' at Gitmo

The Taliban executed four people accused of "spying for Indian and Jewish intelligence agencies" in Karak, and killed three civilians in Khyber. More than 20,000 people have fled Mohmand due to a military operation.

Ayman al Zawahiri's deputy releases statement in support of Egyptian opposition

Thirwat Salah Shehata, a top al Qaeda operative who has long served Ayman al Zawahiri, has released a statement in support of the Egyptian protesters. According to a Saudi publication, Shehata issued the statement from Iran.

Taliban execute 4 'spies' in Pakistan's northwest

The Taliban accused the four men of "spying for Indian and Jewish intelligence agencies." The murders took place in Karak.

Jamaat, Hizbul hold anti-India meet in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir

Powell on drone strikes in Pakistan

Pakistan - UN: 'Operations in Mohmand may displace up to 90,000 people'

US said to reduce civilian deaths after increasing CIA Pakistan strikes

22,000 Pakistanis flee fighting near Afghan border

WikiLeaks cables: MI6 warns of new suicide bomb wave

Three people were killed in a bombing at a shrine in Lahore. Three Taliban fighters and a soldier were killed during fighting in Arakzai; the Taliban also bombed a school in the tribal agency. The Taliban destroyed two NATO containers in Khuzdar.

Many in Pakistan fear unrest at home

Pakistan MP drops effort to repeal blasphemy laws

Fifteen Taliban fighters and three Pakistani soldiers were killed in fighting in Mohmand. The Taliban killed nine people in a bombing in Peshawar. A Pakistani soldier was killed in an exchange of fire with Afghan troops in Khost province.

Shocking: London Tube bombers guided by contact in Pakistan

WikiLeaks: tension in the Middle East and Asia has 'direct potential' to lead to nuclear war

Davis holds diplomatic passport: Malik

Bombing in Peshawar market kills 9

Three children and a woman were among those killed in the latest bombing in the northwestern provincial capital.

Security forces killed 21 Taliban fighters in Mohmand. The Taliban killed two Pakistanis in an attack on a NATO oil tanker in Mastung, and bombed two schools in Peshawar.