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Pakistan - Editorial: Kurram peace deal

Afghan peace council official: US-Taliban talks hurt Afghan sovereignty

Pause in US Pakistan strikes seen linked to US prisoner

Italy: al Qaeda will exploit North African migrant flood

Hakeemullah Mehsud alive, shown on tape executing former ISI officer

The Pakistani Taliban emir is seen directing the execution of Colonel Imam on videotape released to the Pakistani press. The tape confirms that Hakeemullah was not killed in an early October 2010 Predator strike.

US-Taliban talks

FATA's interior secretary said that military operations in Kurram, Bajaur, and Mohmand have ended in success. The Taliban killed a civilian in Bannu, bombed a school and a stadium in Khyber, and confirmed they executed Colonel Imam.

Clinton sees Pak-US ties in limbo; urges reforms

Pak mulls 'blood money' deal to let off Davis, buy peace with US

Ties fray between Pakistan and US intelligence agencies

US helos kill more than 30 Taliban fighters in Kunar

The Taliban fighters were killed during a four-hour-long engagement with a US air weapons team.

Afghan imams wage political battle against US

US feared terrorism from Pakistani-Norwegians - WikiLeaks

No refuge from fear in Afghanistan, even at prayer

Raymond Davis case: Pakistan court delays decision

HIG media emir, military commander detained in Afghan raids

A HIG media emir involved with suicide attacks in Kabul and linked to the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan was captured in Parwan. And in Khost, the commander of a 50-man HIG cell was captured.

US anti-terror official warns Pakistani group Lashkar-e-Taiba could strike in Europe or US

A history of anti-Americanism in Pakistan

Afghan transit pact stalls on smuggling

ISAF detains Taliban commander operating from Pakistan