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This time, murder of Pakistan minister spurs condemnation from Islamic clerics

Taliban suicide bomber kills 9 in Hangu; 6 police killed in ambush in Khyber

The attacks are the latest in the Taliban's renewed offensive in the central regions of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and the tribal agencies.

Christians across Pakistan protest Bhatti's killing

Analysis: Pakistan unlikely to bend on blasphemy

Afghanistan - Commanders expect Taliban will try to regain lost ground

Mumbai attack: US links cover for ISI chief to Davis case

A return to Hell in Swat

Most US aid to Pakistan hasn't gotten there yet

Pakistan: under attack from within

Afghan tells of his ordeal at the 'center of al Qaeda'

Pakistani minister gunned down

Pakistan's blasphemy law: timeline

Punjabi Taliban, al Qaeda assassinate Pakistan's Christian minorities minister

Shahbaz Bhatti was gunned down after leaving his mother's home in Islamabad. He was killed for opposing Pakistan's repressive blasphemy laws.

UK faults Coalition's Afghan effort

US repositions troops in eastern Afghanistan

The Taliban executed four "US spies" in North Waziristan and killed three people in IED attacks in Mohmand. The Taliban also wounded 15 schoolgirls in an attack at a campus in Mardan. The Taliban torched a NATO fuel tanker in Wah.

Private spies aid FBI in Afghan investigation

Taliban execute 4 tribesmen 'spying for America' in North Waziristan

"We killed them because they were spying for America, anyone who acts like this will face the same fate," the Taliban statement read. The men were shot in the face multiple times.

Pakistan playing cynical game with CIA contractor, says official

ISAF statement on the withdrawal from Pech Valley