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US Predators killed five "militants" in a strike in Mir Ali in North Waziristan. The military successfully test fired a nuclear-capable missile.

US Predators kill 5 in al Qaeda haven in North Waziristan

Predators fired a second round of missiles at a car, indicating that an important terrorist leader or operative was the target of the strike.

Taliban fighters moving back into former Afghanistan stronghold

An anti-Taliban tribal leader threatened to stop supporting the government after a suicide attack in Peshawar. Some Pakistani drivers for NATO supplies have refused to ship materials to Afghanistan. The Taliban bombed two schools and a bridge in Khyber.

Anti-Taliban militia commander threatens to quit, join Taliban, after Peshawar suicide attack

A suicide bomber killed 37 people in an attack at a funeral in Peshawar. A Pakistani general said US Predator strikes are killing terrorists and very few civilians. Security forces detained four Taliban operatives in Karachi.

250 clerics declare suicide attacks haram

US Predators are killing 'hardcore elements' and 'foreigners' - Pakistani general

The commander of Pakistan's 7 Division, which operates in North Waziristan, claimed that few civilians are killed in the covert US airstrikes in Pakistan's tribal areas.

Pakistan's Islamist parties challenge weakening government

Most of those killed in drone attacks were terrorists: Pakistani military

Putting Afghan plan into action proves difficult

Petraeus sees military progress in Afghanistan

Pakistan faces educational 'emergency', says government

Official: Iran shipped powerful rockets to Taliban

Taliban suicide bomber kills 37 at funeral in Peshawar

The Taliban claimed credit for the attack, which targeted members of an anti-Taliban militia in the Matni area. The Taliban have targeted the same militia in the past.

The Taliban killed 32 people in a bombing at a natural gas station near an ISI headquarters in Faisalabad. US predators killed five "militants" in an airstrike in North Waziristan.

Pakistan maintains significant presence in FATA: Institute for Strategic Studies report

Turmoil jars US counterterrorism efforts

US Predators kill 5 in strike in South Waziristan

The strike ends an 11-day-long lull in the CIA-directed attacks in Pakistan's tribal agencies. A compound in Mullah Nazir's territory was the target of the attack.

Taliban claim deadly Faisalabad blast, target Pakistani intelligence

The Taliban detonated a car bomb at a compressed natural gas station today, killing more than 32 people. The target was a nearby headquarters for the Inter-Services Intelligence directorate.