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A suicide bomber killed eight people in an attack at a bus terminal in Lower Dir. Two of the failed suicide bombers from yesterday's attack on a shrine in Dera Ghazi Khan are from North Waziristan.

Pakistan - Tribal lashkar makes advances: copters continue to pound LI hideouts

Shocking! Sufi shrine suicide bombers from North Waziristan

Evolution of militancy: Al Qaeda, Taliban grooming new leadership

Pakistan - Court ordered governments to locate family of Davis' victims

Suicide bomber kills 8 in northwestern Pakistan

The suicide bombing in Lower Dir is the fourth such attack in northwestern Pakistan since March 30.

A pair of Taliban suicide bombers killed 42 people in an attack at a Sufi shrine in Dera Ghazi Khan. Security forces killed 15 Taliban and Lashkar-e-Islam fighters in Khyber and Hangu.

Pakistan: Shahbaz Sharif threatens long march against drone strikes

Suicide bombers kill 41 at Sufi shrine in central Pakistan

The Taliban claimed the attack, which occurred during a religious festival at the Sakhi Sarwar shrine in the district of Dera Ghazi Khan in Punjab province.

Spy chief's tenure is extended in Pakistan

20 killed in clash between Lashkar-e-Islam factions

Twenty Pakistanis were killed during a clash between the Lashkar-e-Islam and a tribe in the Tirah Valley in Khyber. Eleven troops were wounded in an IED attack in Khyber.

Ex-Gitmo detainee training Libyan rebels in Derna

A former Guantanamo detainee named Sufyan Ben Qumu is training Derna's rebels. Declassified memos prepared at Gitmo note that Qumu was a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group's military committee, trained at Osama bin Laden's camps, worked for al Qaeda front companies, and was a known "extremist" with "no qualms about committing terrorist acts."

Lashkar-e-Islam chief targeted for assassination in Khyber

A Taliban suicide bomber killed a child in Darra Adam Khel. The Taliban killed three security guards at a supply terminal in Khyber used by NATO trucks. Lashkar-e-Islam leader Mangal Bagh survived an assassination attempt in Khyber.

Pakistan attacks reveal widening split between religious parties and militants

Pakistan handles Islamic extremism with kid gloves

Ten people were killed in an IED attack in Charsadda that targeted the head of an Islamist political party allied with the Taliban. Security forces killed eight "militants" in Kurram.

Pro-Taliban Islamist politician again targeted in Pakistan's northwest

Pakistan - Twin rocket attacks aimed at sensitive areas: probe