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Afghanistan - Senators want defence minister, Peace Council to go

Pakistani officials won't rule on American's diplomatic immunity

Deteriorating security situation panicking Pakistanis

Pakistan - Home Dept orders screening of police

Pentagon's quiet shift on Afghanistan war: Maybe safe havens aren't crucial

US Predators killed six Taliban fighters in a strike in the Miramshah area of North Waziristan. The Taliban bombed a girls' school in Khyber. Six more people were killed in violence in Karachi.

US Predators strike again in North Waziristan, kill 6

The strike is the third in Pakistan's tribal areas in two days, and the second in an area controlled by the Haqqani Network.

Pakistan again delays ruling on CIA. operative

Pakistan - Govt, ICRC at odds over treatment of terror detainees

Pakistan - Anti-Taliban militias under threat

Pakistan assassinations highlight sway of radical clerics

US Predators killed six "militants" in airstrikes in North and South Waziristan. The Taliban killed eight people in an attack on a bus in Hangu. Eighteen people have been killed in targeted killings in Karachi. Security forces killed four "terrorists" in Swat.

US Predators strike again in Pakistan's tribal areas

The strike near Miramshah in North Waziristan is the second today. Six "militants" were reported killed.

'Pakistan military support terrorists, smugglers' - senior Afghan military, police

US Predators miss target in South Waziristan strike

Four "rebels" escaped after the first volley of missiles missed their target. Three of the last six Predator strikes have taken place in South Waziristan.

A shooting in Pakistan reveals fraying alliance

Security forces killed six "militants" in Arakzai. Four people were killed in a rocket attack in Jaffarabad. The Taliban torched two NATO fuel trucks in Mach and bombed a mosque in Peshawar.

Raid in Afghan east targets Hizb-i Islami Khalis leader

The Hizb-i Islami Khalis helped Osama bin Laden enter Afghanistan in 1996, and aided in his escape to Pakistan during the Battle of Tora Bora. ISAF has not mentioned HIK by name in its press releases prior to today.

ISAF targets another IMU commander in Baghlan

US Predators killed five "militants" in a strike in Mir Ali in North Waziristan. The military successfully test fired a nuclear-capable missile.