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Pakistani Pashtun tribe rises up against extremists

Pakistan - Like army, like nation

Sixteen Pakistanis were killed in a bombing at a gambling hall in Karachi; no group has claimed the attack. The US will provide Pakistan with 85 unarmed Raven UAVs.

Pakistan accuses US of 'negative propaganda'

Mullen: Pakistan's ISI spy agency has 'militant links'

The import and export of suicide bombers

Admiral Michael Mullen said Pakistan has a "relationship" with the Haqqani Network but stopped short of accusing the country of supporting the terror group. A court indicted Maulana Abdul Aziz for killing a security officer during the Lal Masjid uprising in 2007. The Taliban in Mohmand killed two merchants for providing livestock to Afghanistan.

17 Taliban, 'foreign fighters' killed during hunt for al Qaeda commander in Kunar

The al Qaeda leader "commands and facilitates insurgents throughout the province and border region, directing weapons acquisition, movement, employment of fighters and equipment to Kunar for attacks against Afghan and Coalition forces."

A tour of COP Margah in Paktika

Pakistan's ISI has a 'relationship' with the Haqqani Network: Admiral Mullen

Suicide bombers captured in Afghan border town trained in Quetta

Pakistan - The reason terrorism suspects go free

After Pakistan missile test, India flexes muscle

Imran Khan in Taliban peace spotlight

Pakistan plays hardball

Talks on US presence in Afghanistan after pullout unnerve region

Pakistanis flee troubled areas near Afghan border

Fedayeen-e-Islam boasts 1,000 suicide bombers trained in North Waziristan camps

Police arrested a "mastermind" of the recent suicide attack at a shrine in Dera Ghazi Khan. Various Taliban and terrorist factions met to discuss strategy in case the military invades North Waziristan.

Pakistan - Terrorism: judicial flaws