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'Militants' attack Pakistani ISID headquarters in Sindh

How Taliban brought new terror to Pakistan's Killer Mountain

Turkistan Islamic Party trains women for jihad

TIP-female-camp.jpgA video has emerged showing the al Qaeda-linked jihadist group training five burka-clad women on pistols, assault and sniper rifles, machine guns, and grenade launchers.

Fifteen "militants" and four Pakistani troops were killed during military operations in Khyber. Two people were killed in two blasts in Karachi. Prime Minister Sharif said that Pakistan is not taking sides in Afghanistan and supports peace in the neighboring country.

Women 'banned from shopping alone' in northern Pakistan

Security forces killed five "militants" in helicopter airstrikes in Khyber. The Taliban killed two Frontier Corps troops in Khyber. Two policemen and two civilians were gunned down in Karachi.

Drones increasingly opposed: Poll

Pakistan Taliban Lambastes Schoolgirl for UN Speech

The Taliban killed four members of pro-government militias in separate attacks in Khyber, Bajaur, and Tank. Security forces captured a suspected Taliban fighter who was involved in an attack that wounded a senior judge on the Sindh High Court and killed his driver.

Pakistani schoolgirl rattles Taliban

Insurgents Intensify Terror Activity in Eastern Nangarhar

Pakistan: Leaked report on Bin Laden killing sheds light on investigative reporter's murder

Karachi Killings Rise Sharply

Pakistan grapples with rising tide of extremist violence

Pakistani Taliban 'has a global agenda,' commander says

Jihadists seek to open new front in Burma

Burmese-Mujahideen.jpg"A brigade of Mujahedeen from Burma, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan" purportedly have launched operations in Burma. Photographs of scores of armed jihadists in military uniforms have appeared on a jihadist website.

Hundreds of Pakistani jihadists reported in Syria

US Senators Admonish Obama Over Haqqani-ISI Relationship

2 'militants' killed in US drone strike in Pakistan

predator-uav.jpgTwo unidentified militants were killed while riding a motorcycle in the Mir Ali area of North Waziristan. The strike is just the second in Pakistan this month.

Education under attack from terrorists: Karzai