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350 suicide bombers training in North Waziristan

A young suicide bomber who was captured said the camps are run by a Taliban leader known as Commander Sangeen Khan.

Pakistan - Fighting flares in northwest between security forces and suspected militants

The military claimed it killed 50 Taliban fighters in airstrikes in Mohmand. A suicide bomber killed one person in Quetta. The Taliban claimed it killed Colonel Imam for betraying Islam by working for Pakistan's intelligence services.

Al-Qaeda 'setting up training centres in Afghanistan'

Taliban suicide assault team strikes Kandahar police, kills 6

The Mullah Dadullah Front, a radical Taliban subgroup closely linked to al Qaeda, is likely behind today's complex attack.

One of the suicide bombers who attacked a Sufi mosque last week was from Bajaur. Seven troops were wounded in an ambush on a convoy in Khyber. The Taliban torched two NATO fuel trucks in Dhaddar.

Al-Qaeda's unfinished work

Islamists prepare for new role

As Afghanistan braces for the spring fighting season, the US hopes its preparation has paid off

White House: Pakistan is failing to defeat militants

White House assails Pakistan effort on militants

ISAF captures al Qaeda's top Kunar commander

Abu Ikhlas al Masri served as al Qaeda's Kunar operations commander before he was captured in a special operations raid in Kunar in December 2010. Kunar remains an al Qaeda haven.

US troops defeat Taliban assault on base in Nangarhar

A Taliban force of 25 fighters attacked Forward Operating Base Fenty in Nangarhar province, but was routed by US troops guarding the base.

Why are peace deals so difficult to keep in Pakistan's tribal areas?

Unrepentant: Teen suicide bomber vows attacks in Pakistan

A suicide bomber killed eight people in an attack at a bus terminal in Lower Dir. Two of the failed suicide bombers from yesterday's attack on a shrine in Dera Ghazi Khan are from North Waziristan.

Pakistan - Tribal lashkar makes advances: copters continue to pound LI hideouts

Shocking! Sufi shrine suicide bombers from North Waziristan

Evolution of militancy: Al Qaeda, Taliban grooming new leadership

Pakistan - Court ordered governments to locate family of Davis' victims