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Afghanistan's transition can succeed -- maybe

Interior Minister Rehman Malik said Pakistan can not stop US Predator attacks and a diplomatic solution is needed. The Taliban bombed a NATO fuel tanker near Dera Murad Jamali.

US and Pakistan struggle with 'unhappy' alliance

Drone attacks cannot be stopped, says Rehman Malik

Pakistan - Army calling the shots in Khyber Pakhtunkwha: Durrani

Al Qaeda's commander for Kunar, several operatives killed in airstrike

Commander Sa'ad bin Abi Waqas, a Pakistani al Qaeda leader, and several of his fighters were confirmed to have been killed in an April 14 airstrike.

Slow government development threatens Swat military

Militant's road ends in Pakistan

Turkey in talks on Taliban office in Istanbul

Pakistan would back Taliban office in Turkey: official

Security forces killed 18 Taliban fighters in airstrikes in Mohmand. Police arrested two French men in Lahore who accompanied Jemaah Islamiyah leader Umar Patek. A CIA official said the Predator strikes will not cease.

Pakistan's foreign minister protests Predator strikes

US Predators killed six Haqqani Network fighters in South Waziristan in the first strike in 27 days. Pakistani officials have denounced the South Waziristan strike.

New CIA drone attack draws rebuke from Pakistan

Al-Qaeda sees opportunity in peace

Haqqani Network/IMU facilitator targeted in Afghan east

The commander "assists the networks with the acquisition, movement and employment [of] foreign fighters, including Iranians."

CIA has no plans to suspend drone strikes: report

US Predator strike kills 6 Haqqani Network fighters in South Waziristan

predator-uav.jpgToday's attack ends a 27-day pause in the covert program.

Suicide bomber kills pro-government tribal leader, 9 Afghans in Kunar

Haji Malik Zarin led Kunar's High Peace Council. The Taliban denied it carried out the attack.

Two Pakistanis on trial in the US said that the ISI backed the Mumbai terror assault that was carried out by the Lashkar-e-Taiba. Pakistan wants the US to end its Predator campaign in the tribal areas; the US said the attacks would continue.