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Fear that US could grab nuclear arsenal heightens Pakistani anger

Al Qaeda appoints new leader of forces in Pakistan's tribal areas

Abdul Shakoor Turkistani, the leader of the Turkistan Islamic Party, is also in control of the terror camps. He was given the job just weeks before Osama bin Laden was killed.

Pakistan ignored US warnings on unilateral action on Osama: report

Hundreds of terrorists waiting to cross over to India

Who sheltered Osama bin Laden? Kayani among suspects

Pakistani officials have no record of man killed with bin Laden

Foreign channels' live coverage from Abbottabad barred

Pakistan cities cover for al Qaeda

Obama: bin Laden had support network

US takes heat off Pakistan on bin Laden's hideout

US presses Pakistan on bin Laden

ISAF targets 'al Qaeda affiliated' Taliban leader in Nangarhar

Trial in Mumbai attacks could strain US-Pakistan relations

Bin Laden's secret life in a diminished, dark world

Candid videos show rare view of unkempt bin Laden

Bin Laden channel surfs in his Pakistani safe house

Bin Laden directed al Qaeda's global operations from 'command center' in Pakistan

"Bin Laden remained an active leader in al Qaeda, providing strategic, operational and tactical instructions to the group," a top US official reports.

Abbottabad: not a new home for terror

New footage of Osama bin Laden compound in Abbottabad

Even without bin Laden, Pakistan's Islamist militants strike fear