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Drone killing debate: Germany limits information exchange with US intelligence

Pakistani troops open fire on ISAF helicopters at Afghan border

Two Pakistani soldiers were wounded. Pakistan claimed that US helicopters had crossed the border and opened fire.

US Predators killed 10 "militants," including four "foreigners" in North Waziristan. The Taliban claimed credit for killing a Saudi consular official in Karachi.

US balks at Pakistani bills

US speeds up direct talks with Taliban

US assured of action against 'sanctuaries'

Saleh on 60 Minutes

US Predators kill 10 'militants' in Mir Ali

The attack took place in an area that hosts a number of regional and international terror groups. Four "foreigners" were reported killed.

Taliban kill Saudi diplomat in Karachi

Senior Haqqani Network leader captured in Khost

The Haqqani Network commander is the brother of Jan Baz Zadran, who is considered to be the thrid in command of the al Qaeda-linked Haqqani Network.

Lashkar-e-Taiba rallies for bin Laden

China-Pakistan alliance strengthened post-bin Laden

Afghanistan may be open to new path, Kerry says

The Taliban executed two "US spies" in North Waziristan and blew up a school in Khyber. Three Pakistani Americans in Swat denied criminal charges filed by the US that they support the Taliban. Senator Kerry is in Pakistan to deliver a "tough message" to Pakistan.

Bin Laden was logged off, but not al-Qaida

Analysis: Pakistan builds low yield nuclear capability, concern grows

Taliban recruiting 9-year-old suicide bombers

More on Pakistan's jihad

Taliban deny Osama bin Laden's death will impact Afghan war

The Taliban said the war would continue as long as Westerners "are bent on continuing their colonialist ambitions against the Islamic Ummah."

Six people were killed in Kharian in an explosion caused by a bomb place on a bus. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.