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'Germany-based Moroccan al Qaeda foreign fighter facilitator' captured in southeastern Afghanistan

The al Qaeda operative is providing intelligence on the Qaeda network that funnels terrorists into Afghanistan. Before he reached Afghanistan, he traveled through Iran, where a recruiter attempted to convince him to become a suicide bomber.

Implicating ISI in terror, Headley says hatred of India after 1971 war drove him to LeT

Witness ties Pakistan to Mumbai massacre

Terror trial witness ties Pakistan to 2008 attacks

Study ties new al Qaeda chief to murder of journalist Pearl

Taliban attack on Karachi naval base

US Predators strike again in Mir Ali

predator-uav.jpgSeven "foreigners" were reported killed in the terrorist haven of North Waziristan.

Pakistani Taliban claim assault on Karachi naval base

Spy, military ties aided bin Laden raid

David Headley's testimony could reinforce suspicions about Pakistan's terrorism ties

Pakistani senator: 'ISI's strategy is to save the Taliban from defeat'

Terrorists launched an assault on Pakistani Naval Station Mehran in Karachi. Four naval personnel and four terrorists have been reported killed, and two naval aircraft, including a P-3 Orion, are reported to have been destroyed. The terrorists have taken hostages.

Taliban assault team attacks Pakistani Navy base

The Pakistani Taliban killed four naval personnel and destroyed at least two airplanes, including a P-3C Orion. Ten Pakistani troops were killed in the fighting.

Why the Taliban won't negotiate

US 'would repeat Bin Laden raid'

Pakistani government refused to move against radical madrassas in Punjab

A leaked US State Department cable details the network of radical Islamist madrassas in South Punjab and their role as an engine of jihad.

Suicide assault team attacks police compound in Afghan east

Four suicide bombers and six Afghans, including five security personnel, were killed during a 10-hour-long clash at a police headquarters in Khost.

Pakistan says wants China to build naval base

Pakistan army denies US troops were in northwest

The Taliban killed 15 Pakistanis in an attack in Khyber that targeted fuel trucks carrying fuel to NATO forces in Afghanistan. Pakistani helicopter gunships killed eight Taliban fighters in Arakzai.