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Taliban suicide bomber kills 6 at Peshawar police station

The police station housed a unit of the Crime Investigation Department as well as commandos from the Special Services Group.

Anti-Americanism rife in Pakistan army institution: Wikileaks

Taliban claim suicide attack at police headquarters in Peshawar

China admits its technicians were held in Pakistan base attack

China rejects Pakistan's naval base request

Headley alleges more Pakistan militants, ISI links

The Taliban's war in Pakistan

Don't provide Iran with a foothold, US told Pak

Pakistan nuclear security 'of concern': Nato

Pakistan media ridicules military after attack

'Germany-based Moroccan al Qaeda foreign fighter facilitator' captured in southeastern Afghanistan

The al Qaeda operative is providing intelligence on the Qaeda network that funnels terrorists into Afghanistan. Before he reached Afghanistan, he traveled through Iran, where a recruiter attempted to convince him to become a suicide bomber.

Implicating ISI in terror, Headley says hatred of India after 1971 war drove him to LeT

Witness ties Pakistan to Mumbai massacre

Terror trial witness ties Pakistan to 2008 attacks

Study ties new al Qaeda chief to murder of journalist Pearl

Taliban attack on Karachi naval base

US Predators strike again in Mir Ali

predator-uav.jpgSeven "foreigners" were reported killed in the terrorist haven of North Waziristan.

Pakistani Taliban claim assault on Karachi naval base

Spy, military ties aided bin Laden raid

David Headley's testimony could reinforce suspicions about Pakistan's terrorism ties