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Afghanistan: Pakistan to target insurgents

Panetta warns Pakistani intelligence officials on collusion with militants

Dying to tell the story

35 Pakistanis killed in bombing at Peshawar market

Ahmadiya community fit to be killed, says pamphlets in Pakistan

Hopes are low as Afghanistan's Karzai visits Pakistan

Karzai calls on Pakistan to eradicate militants

The Onion's satire on Pakistani duplicity hits the mark

New challenge for US-Pakistan ties

In Afghanistan, IMU-Taliban alliance chips away at the stone

Denmark - Terror attack accomplice found guilty in Chicago

Pakistan sends home American military trainers as mutual mistrust deepens

Gates blasts NATO, questions future of alliance

Karzai to press Pakistan to back peace talks with Taliban

Pakistan - Kayani recommends govt to divert US military aid

We have the momentum in Afghanistan

Panetta demurs on troop drawdown in Afghanistan

Twelve Taliban fighters and eight Pakistani soldiers were killed during a clash in South Waziristan. The Taliban killed four people in a bombing in Matni in Peshawar and two people in Dir, and destroyed a NATO fuel tanker in Khyber.

Pakistani military issues defensive statement after Corps Commanders meeting

Report: Poverty does not breed extremism