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Pakistan arrests CIA informants in bin Laden raid

First, take Nuristan: the Taliban's new Afghan plan

Of good and bad Taliban

A mother's quest for son lost to extremism

Pakistan wants tribal militias in militant hub

Focus of Afghan war is shifting eastward

Secret US and Afghanistan talks could see troops stay for decades

Pakistan: Low rate of terrorists' conviction worries military

Pak judge conducting trial of 26/11 suspects transferred

Arrested suicide bombers speak of Taliban indoctrination

The Taliban killed three Pakistani troops in an attack in South Waziristan and bombed seven fuel tankers carrying fuel for NATO forces. A suicide bomber killed one person in a failed attack in Islamabad.

The Gitmo Files: Fazul Mohammed continued to seek bin Laden's direction

Abdullahi-Sudi-Arale.jpgLeaked Guantanamo threat assessments highlight Osama bin Laden's influence over East Africa al Qaeda (EAAQ) and its leader, the recently slain Fazul Mohammed. The files also contain striking details about the ties between EAAQ and Somalia's Islamic Courts Union, the predecessor of Shabaab.

Insurgents block Kunar-Nuristan Highway

The Taliban denied it carried out yesterday's deadly bombing at a market in Peshawar that killed 39 people. Three people were wounded in an IED attack in Islamabad. Security forces detained a suicide bomber in Karachi.

CIA chief Panetta leaves without deal

Pak should be happy Afghanistan has India's help: Karzai

'Pakistan army will face suicide attacks in North Waziristan'

Afghanistan: Pakistan to target insurgents

Panetta warns Pakistani intelligence officials on collusion with militants

Dying to tell the story