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Taking a risk with Taliban negotiations, even if the talks are real this time

The Taliban killed seven policemen in an attack on a station in Dera Ismail Khan; five Taliban fighters were also killed. Fifteen Taliban were killed during infighting in Arakzai.

Special operations forces capture 5 al Qaeda operatives in Afghan southeast

The raid took place in Ghazni province. The targeted facilitator operates in Pakistan, plans operations, and shuttles money and fighters into both Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Bin Laden's courier tied to Pakistani-backed terror group

The New York Times reports that Osama bin Laden's courier was found to be in contact with members of Harakat ul Mujahedin (HUM), a terrorist organization long backed by Pakistan's spy agency. Leaked Guantanamo files provide more details about the relationship between HUM and al Qaeda.

Cellphone Offers Clues of Bin Laden's Pakistan Ties

Obama announces rapid drawdown of surge forces from Afghanistan

Ten thousand troops will be withdrawn by the end of the year, and an additional 23,000 troops will leave Afghanistan by the end of the summer of 2012.

Three security personnel and five Taliban fighters were killed during clashes in Khyber and Arakzai. The military is questioning four army majors over possible links to Hizbut Tahrir.

Pakistan: Military strategy and the flight of capital

Pakistani support for military action against militants drops: poll

ISAF captures 'foreign fighter' facilitator in southeastern Afghanistan

"The facilitator assisted in the transfer of Uzbeks and Farsi speaking foreign fighters from Pakistan into Afghanistan to fight for the Taliban," ISAF reported.

In Pakistan, denial is easier than heartbreak

The End of AfPak

Security forces arrested a Brigadier General for links to Hizb-ul-Tahrir. A security official and four Taliban fighters were killed during fighting in South Waziristan.

Afghanistan: US cautioned to take Pakistan along on talks with Taliban

Pakistani Taliban kidnap young girl to turn her into a suicide bomber

The Taliban have used females to carry out three suicide attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan over the past year.

US Predators killed 11 Taliban and Haqqani Network fighters in a strike in Kurram. A suicide bomber killed four people in Peshawar. The Taliban forced a young girl to become a suicide bomber.

Few Taliban leaders take Afghan offer to switch sides

How will Zawahiri transform al-Qaeda?

US Predators strike the Haqqani Network in Kurram

predator-uav.jpgThe strike hit in an area run by Fazal Saeed Utezai, a Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan commander who supports the Haqqani Network.

Is the US really negotiating with the Afghan Taliban?