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Stirring up the hornet's nest in Pakistan's northwest

Time ripe to make Pakistan Islamic welfare state: Jamaat-e-Islami

A US raid captures Taliban in North Waziristan?

Pakistan - Army, ISI partly infected with cancer: Altaf

Osama bin Laden's cover 'was blown by one his closest allies'

Is Pakistan going to attack the Taliban in North Waziristan?

Haqqani insurgent group proves resilient foe in Afghan war

Attacks on Pakistan Navy raise questions

France unsure about Pakistan's nuclear deterrent: WikiLeaks

Eyewitness: Kashmiri funeral

Afghan trade deal may be implemented from June:Pakistan official

Pakistan - Persecution of Ahmadis continues despite attacks

In evidence: a terrorist's to-do list

The Taliban killed two tribal leaders and six others in a suicide attack in Bajaur, and a political leader and two associates in a shooting in Swat. Security forces arrested six Taliban fighters in Karachi.

Pakistani ISI 'S Wing' aids terror groups in South and Central Asia

Angry Pakistan rejects US appeal, plans to review drone campaign

US hands over 'most wanted terrorists' list to Pakistan

Pakistan's defence installations secure: FO

Taliban suicide bomber kills pro-government tribal leaders in Pakistan's northwest

"We had warned them before and warn them again that they should disband this anti-Taliban peace committee otherwise we will continue to attack them till they are totally eliminated," the Taliban's spokesman said.

In tense post-bin Laden trip to Pakistan, Clinton seeks firm action on extremists