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German jihadi killed in Afghanistan, claims Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan spokesman

IMU-Afghan-Lightning-SITE.jpegMiqdad, a German citizen who is also known as "Abdullah the Essen," was killed while fighting US forces in Baghlan in April 2011. He wanted "to kill Germans."

US likens LeT to al-Qaida in "strength and organization"

US military to be reduced in Pakistan: Mullen

Forty Pakistani security personnel and 45 Taliban fighters have been killed during clashes in Dir; 80 Pakistani troops may have been captured. The US and Pakistan are rumored to be forming a combined counterterrorism team.

ISI's Major Iqbal sought progress report on Mumbai terror plot

A fearless journalist who died in the relentless pursuit of news

All Pakistan Newspapers Society president backs HRW claims on Shahzad's murder

Syed Saleem Shahzad's courage

Slain Pakistani journalist's Mumbai attack theories from beyond the grave

Al Qaeda leader and bin Laden associate captured in northern Afghanistan

The al Qaeda commander, who was captured in Balkh province, was "a Pakistan-based attack planner" and accompanied Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan in 2001.

AP sources: US, Pakistan partnership on mend

ISI scripted Mumbai attack, Qaida cleared it: Shahzad book

Pakistani military denies report of NATO incursion into North Waziristan

Bin Laden raid gets little credence in conspiracy-minded Pakistan

Pakistan - Abbottabad commission 'dies out'

US trolling for Taliban to open talks

How Pakistan's nuclear weapons could be jeopardised

US should delay Pakistan aid: study

Special operations forces capture Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan commander involved in deadly Takhar attack

The IMU facilitator was involved in the May 28 attack that killed two senior police leaders in the north and wounded the governor of Takhar and ISAF's top general for Regional Command North.

Saleem Shahzad, my courageous friend and colleague