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Pakistani armed forces in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and the FATA

Zardari underscores intelligence sharing with UK

CIA operating drone attacks inside Pakistan from Afghan air bases now: Sources

Afghanistan: Tense times for delicate US-Taliban talks

Turkish jihadist commander executed by the Taliban in Waziristan: report

Abu Zarr fought in the Caucasus for 15 years before traveling to Afghanistan and joining the Taifatul Mansura. The Taliban executed him for ordering the deaths of two "foreign fighters."

The al Qaeda- Taliban Connection

US expands its drone war into Somalia

Two Pakistanis were killed in a bombing in a market in Peshawar. Two Swiss citizens were kidnapped in the Loralai district in Baluchistan.

What is Obama's Afghanistan plan?

Supposedly beaten Pakistani Taliban regroup and strike back

Pakistan - Cattle thieves turn into dreaded terrorists

US rejects demand to vacate Shamsi base

The curious case of women in Pakistan

The Pakistani military claimed they killed 40 Taliban fighters and destroyed 17 hideouts in Mohmand. The Taliban bombed a school in Peshawar.

US told to consider Pakistan's constraints

Osama Bin Laden's 'intriguing handwritten notes'

'The Triple Agent': The final days of the suicide bomber who attacked the CIA

ISAF airstrike kills senior Haqqani Network commander involved in Kabul hotel attack

Ismail Jan provided "material support" to the suicide assault team that attacked the Intercontinental just two days ago. ISAF also confirmed the assault was carried out by the Kabul Attack Network.

Obama adviser outlines plans to defeat al Qaeda

Police arrested two suspected terrorists with a suicide vest in Islamabad. Pakistan's defense minister said US personnel have been evicted from the Shamsi Airbase. Omar bin Laden is seeking to have Osama's family members freed from Pakistani custody.