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Abandoning Afghanistan is not a solution

US steps up efforts for talks with Taliban

Nominee questions Pakistan's battle plan

Pakistanis aware of Omar`s whereabouts: US general

Taliban suicide assault team attacks hotel in Kabul

A suicide assault team penetrated security at the Intercontinental and has opened fire on guests. Foreigners are the target of the operation.

Pakistani Taliban commmander in Kurram quits the TTP

US Predators killed 21 Taliban fighters in two strikes in North Waziristan. Fedayeen-e-Islam commander Shakirullah Shakir was gunned down in Mir Ali. Kurram Taliban commander Fazal Saeed has left the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan as the group has attacked mosques and civilians. The Taliban bombed two NATO fuel tankers in Mastung.

Taliban assault police station in NW Pakistan

Fedayeen-e-Islam commander killed in North Waziristan: report

Shakirullah Shakir was gunned down in Miramshah, according to reports. He has claimed several suicide attacks and boasted that more than 1,000 suicide bombers are currently training in three camps in Mir Ali in North Waziristan.

US: Pakistan must show it wants Afghan peace

US Predators kill 21 in South Waziristan strikes

The strikes are the first in a week. The US has executed 12 Predator strikes in Pakistan's tribal areas this month, the highest total since December 2010.

Pakistan expels 18 British military trainers

A community under siege in tribal Pakistan

Taliban use females in recent suicide attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan

The Taliban forced an eight-year-old girl to attempt a suicide attack in Afghanistan, and a husband and wife suicide team attacked a police station in Pakistan.

A husband and wife carried out yesterday's suicide attack on a police station in Dera Ismail Khan that killed 10 policemen. Three policemen were wounded in a bombing at a checkpoint in Multan.

Pakistan - Govt to consolidate data about terrorists

A test case for Afghan pullout

Taking a risk with Taliban negotiations, even if the talks are real this time

The Taliban killed seven policemen in an attack on a station in Dera Ismail Khan; five Taliban fighters were also killed. Fifteen Taliban were killed during infighting in Arakzai.

Special operations forces capture 5 al Qaeda operatives in Afghan southeast

The raid took place in Ghazni province. The targeted facilitator operates in Pakistan, plans operations, and shuttles money and fighters into both Afghanistan and Pakistan.