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Afghan Targeted Killings Couldn't Go without Revenge: Govt

Video of brutal Taliban execution of Pakistani policemen emerges

talibanexecution100.jpgThe Taliban released graphic footage of a Taliban execution of Pakistani policemen captured in Upper Dir in early June.

Mumbai blasts: Arrested IM agent bares pact with Taliban to terrorize India

Pakistan: This cut is simply not deep enough

Why My Father Hated India

The Taliban killed 10 people in an attack in Kurram and looted 11 schools in Khyber. Two suicide bombers were arrested in Nowsehra.

Iran, Pakistan urge stronger ties

Dead or alive? US indecision over killing Bin Laden

Pakistan - $10bn of US financial support unaccounted for

India doesn't let blasts derail Pakistan talks

Is Ilyas Kashmiri really dead?

Pakistan releases Lashkar-e-Jhangvi commander from jail

Pakistan: Military intelligence claims Afghanistan hosting terrorist safe havens

As US wars wind down, drones gain new prominence

Mullah Omar, headscarves and bizarre Afghan peace talks

USS Cole bomber reported to have been target of Yemen airstrike

Ahmed Wali Karzai's assassin a Taliban agent: report

Bin Laden Plotted New Attack

Ahmed Wali Karzai's killer had been a Taliban foe

Officials Say Bombers in Attack on Mumbai Had Some Training