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US drones target Haqqani Network in North Waziristan strike

Three Haqqani network fighters were killed in the attack, which took place in the same town where Mullah Sangeen Zadran is rumored to have been killed in another drone strike earlier this month.

Steeped in ancient mysticism, passion of Sufis infuriates Taliban

Jundallah claimed credit for yesterday's suicide attack at a church in Peshawar that killed 81 Christians. Five policemen were killed in an IED attack in Pishin. The Taliban killed an ANP leader in Buner. Three Lashkar-e-Islam members were killed in a premature IED detonation.

Suicide bombers kill 78 in coordinated attack at Pakistani church

US drones kill 7 in North Waziristan strike

The strike is the first in nearly three weeks, and targeted a militant compound in Shawal, a known jumpoff point for jihadists heading to Afghanistan.

Pakistan frees Mullah Baradar

Pakistan says 250 terrorists flee Karachi to Waziristan tribal region

Pakistani Cleric Claims Taliban Will Regain Power, Kabul Responds

The Taliban killed the commanding general for Swat, a regimental commander, and a soldier in an IED attack in Swat, two soldiers in attacks in North Waziristan, and three members of a pro-government militia in Bajaur. The Taliban also bombed dozens of NATO oil tankers in Hub. The government said the Army would withdraw from the Malakand Division starting next month.

Freedom of Mullah Baradar by Pakistan key for Afghan peace

Taliban assassinate senior Pakistani Army general in Dir

Major General Sanaullah commanded Pakistani army forces in Swat; Lieutenant Colonel Tauseef commanded the 33 Baloch Regiment. Both were killed in an IED attack in Upper Dir.

Pakistan - KP announces military pullout from Malakand

Taliban releases 'pointless' for Afghan peace: Afghan officials

In Afghanistan drawdown, US forced to take costly option in transporting military gear out

US seeks to move more gear out of Afghanistan via Pakistan - News

The Foreign Office said that the government would free Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the former deputy to Afghan Taliban emir Mullah Omar, in the next month. The Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan's top leaders are meeting to discuss a government peace proposal. The Taliban also beheaded three members of a peace committee in Khyber and kidnapped four more.

Pakistan to free Taliban leader Mullah Baradar

Mullah Omar's former deputy, who was detained in Karachi in 2010, will be freed in Pakistan, not Afghanistan.

Pakistan to Send Baradar to Saudi or Turkey for Peace Talks

3 al Qaeda operatives reported killed in recent drone strike in Pakistan

Taliban confirm death of Badruddin Haqqani in drone strike last year

Badruddin.jpgThe Taliban, including Mullah Omar, eulogized Badruddin in a video released on their official website. Badruddin was thought to have been killed in a US drone strike in August 2012.