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Picking Up The Pieces In Kandahar

NATO, Russia Work to Expand Afghan Supply Route

Report shows rise in restrictions on religion

Haqqani Network is 'enemy number one' in Afghan east: General Allyn

An interview with Major General Daniel Allyn, the Commanding General of Regional Command East.

From Islamabad the beautiful to Islamabad the barred

Ban on Pakistan Taliban too little too late

More power to the Haqqani network

Afghanistan - Next Handover Regions to be Slated in Two Months: ISAF

Agencies struggle to dismantle Hizb ut-Tahrir network

Elite Force Died in Bid to Save Comrades

In Afghanistan, more and more roadside bombs

How Pakistani minutemen are fighting the Taliban 'false Muslims'

A suicide bomber killed one person outside a school in Mohmand. The Taliban destroyed 16 NATO fuel tankers in Peshawar and bombed a school in Khyber.

Body Bags In Baluchistan

US prepares for worst-case scenario with Pakistan nukes

Pak fears attacks, moves warships out of Karachi

Mushahid for cooperation with China on war against terrorism

Pakistan - Govt to promote soft image of Pakistan via media: Firdous

Pakistan - LEAs arrested 3,143 terrorists in three years, NA told

Taliban Hint at Interest in Negotiated Settlement