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Pakistan - Army ends operation in Central Kurram

UN urges Pakistan to probe journalist killings

State Department: Iran the 'most active state sponsor of terrorism'

The US State Department released its annual Country Reports on Terrorism yesterday. The report mentions Iran's support of the Taliban and refusal to bring senior al Qaeda terrorists to justice.

Suicide bomber kills more than 40 at Pakistani mosque

The suicide bomber detonated his vest just as Friday prayers ended in a mosque in the Jamrud area of Khyber.

US Predators strike in South Waziristan

Four "militants" were killed in an area that previously served as a haven for Uzbek, Chechen, and Arab fighters.

Pakistan says it can bring Haqqani to peace talks

Five soldiers and six Taliban fighters were killed during fighting in Kurram. Police released a sketch of one of the men who kidnapped a US citizen in Lahore.

Pakistan - Return of Kurram IDPs from Aug 25

Pakistan - 'De-radicalisation' plan under study

Pakistan amends tribal laws said to fuel militancy

Pakistan - Army waiting for 'uprising' against foreigners in NWA

The Taliban killed an anti-Taliban militia leader and his son in an attack at a checkpoint in Bajaur. A Taliban leader who was captured in Karachi was freed on bail.

What cut? US continues to fund Pakistan military

Twelve "militants" were killed in an IED attack in Khyber. US Predators killed four "militants" in a strike in North Waziristan. A Taliban commander was captured in Karachi.

Internet jihadist killed in Predator strike in Waziristan

Mounir-Chouka-Abu-Adam.jpgA fighter named Hafeed Salahuddin is said to have been killed in Waziristan with a small group of fighters. Also, Mounir Chouka, a German jihadist with the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, may have been "seriously wounded" in a Predator strike.

US Treasury designates 3 Jemaah Islamiyah operatives as terrorists

US State Department adds Mullah Sangeen to terrorist list

Sangeen-thumb.jpgThe senior Haqqani Network commander is the shadow governor of Paktika province in Afghanistan, aids "foreign fighters," plots attacks, and is behind the kidnapping of a US soldier.

Jihadists train the 'Cubs of Waziristan'

cub-of-waziristan.JPGAt a terrorist camp in Pakistan's tribal areas, 10 young boys are seen on video undergoing firearms training.

Pakistan - Acquittals in terrorism cases: Prosecuting in fear

Religious tolerance in Pakistan