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US funding for Pakistani journalists raises questions of transparency

NATO races to secure violent, porous Afghanistan-Pakistan border

Mother of 9/11 '20th hijacker': I was blind to son's extremism

The Taliban killed four people in an ambush in Kurram. Taliban fighters attacked a tribal leader's home in Mohmand, and kidnapped three people.

Pakistani courts let 3 out of every 4 terror suspects go: US State Dept

Pakistan, US struggle to define their relationship

Pakistan to follow Saudi de-radicalisation policy: Malik

Kunar Taliban support education process

"Gunmen" killed seven people in Kurram. A suicide bomber killed two people in Lakki Marwat. The military claimed that Mohmand has cleared the Taliban from 80 percent of Mohmand.

German Officials Alarmed by Ex-Rapper's New Message: Jihad

Pakistani fertilizer fuels Afghan bombs

US counterterror chief: al-Qaida on 'steady slide'

Suicide bomber kills 11 outside Pakistani mosque

The bomber attempted to ram a car packed with explosives into a mosque in Quetta as Shia worshipers celebrated the end of Ramadan.

Al Qaeda releases Ramadan tape by Atiyah Abd al Rahman

Atiyah-Ramadan-tape-2011-thumb.jpgUS officials have claimed that the al Qaeda leader was killed in a Predator strike. The tape gives no indication that Atiyah is dead.

Stuck Between 2 Sides of Islam

Crackdown against 'Afghan jihadis' in Punjab on the cards

Musharraf govt had al Qaeda sympathisers on key posts

Afghanistan joins Tajikistan, Kyrgyz Republic Cross-Border Transport Accord

Pakistan - Security on high alert ahead of Eid

AP EXCLUSIVE: US-Taliban talks were making headway