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China does U-turn on Pak terror links

"Gunmen" kidnapped a US citizen from his home in Lahore. A military court convicted seven men for their role in the 2009 assault on Army GHQ. One Afghan child in South Waziristan was killed in mortar fire that was launched from Afghanistan.

US citizen kidnapped in Lahore

Rape, mutilation: Pakistan's tribal justice for women

Qaeda Trying to Harness Toxin for Bombs, US Officials Fear

Pakistan: Mystery still surrounds fate of Al-Qaeda military chief

President Zardari allows political parties in Fata

The Taliban killed three policemen while freeing Taliban prisoners from custody in Peshawar. Mohmand Taliban commander Omar Khalid claimed credit for yesterday's female suicide attack in Peshawar.

US disputes report alleging high civilian death toll from drone strikes

Journey to Afghanistan's Taliban badlands

Pakistan link to Xinjiang attacks questioned

Afghanistan - Balkh Governor: Pakistan Supports Insurgents in the North

Pakistani Taliban commander claims female suicide attack

Omar-Khalid-thumb.jpgMohmand emir Omar Khalid said the use of female suicide bombers "is part of our strategy and in war strategies keep on changing."

C.I.A. Is Disputed on Civilian Toll in Drone Strikes

Balochistan caught in spiral of violence

Pakistan - Burqa: an emerging security challenge

'Terrorists have no religion' - Pakistani interior minister

Seven people, including five policemen, were killed in an IED and female suicide attack in Peshawar. Three women and two children were killed in a bombing at their home in Khyber.

Afghanistan - Traders say they can't export goods via Pakistan

Female suicide bomber strikes in Peshawar

The Taliban have used female suicide bombers in six attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan since June 2010.