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US says Pakistani spies using group for "proxy war"

US sharpens warning to Pakistan

ISI seeks one-week to submit reply in Saleem Shahzad case

AP Exclusive: US, Pakistan agree to limit troops

"Gunmen" killed 29 Shia in Mastung. Eight "militants" and a solider were killed after Taliban fighters attacked a checkpoint in Arakzai. Security forces detained 15 Taliban fighters in South Waziristan.

Pakistan: 'Political parties should ban armed wings'

US spy agencies 'struggle with post-9/11 languages'

A future for drones: Automated killing

Now, Hillary tells Hina: Act against LeT, Haqqani men

Reporters Without Borders condemns restrictions on journalists in Abbottabad

The Taliban killed six policemen and a civilian in a suicide attack on the home of a senior police official in Karachi. Five civilians were killed in a bombing at a CD shop in Peshawar. The Taliban assassinated a tribal leader in Mohmand and torched three fuel tankers in Mastung.

US wants its Pakistan aid to reach more civilians

Taliban suicide bomber kills 8 in Karachi

The Taliban targeted the home of a senior police official in Pakistan's largest city.

Pakistan: The suicide-bomb capital of the world

Lashkar-e-Toiba - safe at home

Eighteen people were killed, including 10 Taliban fighters, a soldier, and four members of a peace committee in Khyber. Three Taliban fighters and a soldier were killed as the two groups fought over a downed US drone in South Waziristan. Militants killed three Turis in an attack on a bus in Kurram. The US Ambassador said he could prove Pakistan's links to the Haqqani Network.

Taliban, Pakistani troops fight over downed US drone in South Waziristan

The unmanned US strike aircraft crashed in the village where the Taliban have run training camps and Baitullah Mehsud was killed. A senior Taliban commander led the fight to secure the drone.

'Will target Qaida across world'

Abu Hafs al Shahri confirmed killed in Predator strike in Pakistan

Abu-Hafs-al-Shahri.jpgThe family of al Qaeda's operations chief for Pakistan was notified of his death. His cousin, a senior al Qaeda leader in Afghanistan, was killed one year ago.

Taliban vow to continue to attack weddings, funerals in Pakistan