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Pakistan turns to China as ties with US suffer

Pakistan school expels girl for blasphemy

Pakistanis Tied to 2007 Attack on Americans

US working constructively with Pakistan to end row

UK terror sweep uncovers suicide bomb plot

Two members of the al Qaeda-linked cell traveled to Pakistan to receive training and guidance on bomb making.

Pakistan not going after Haqqani network

New A.Q. Khan Documents Suggest Pakistan Spread Nuclear Weapon Technology

Pakistan seeks diplomatic support in row with US

Under The Spotlight, Questions Raised About Haqqani Network Ties With Pakistan

Drones: Pakistan Has No Leg To Stand On

Pakistan army top brass meets amid US tensions

Back in Afghanistan, ten years later

Brutal Haqqani Clan Bedevils US in Afghanistan

Pakistani PM Gilani hits back at US accusations

The US said "the lines of communication with our Pakistani counterparts remain open" despite the ISI's support of the Haqqani Network. Security forces killed 10 Taliban fighters in Arakzai and detained a commander in Karachi.

Communication lines remain open with Pakistan, says US

The Latest Ugly Truth About Pakistan

Pakistan - Need to check radicalisation of youth stressed

Pakistan warns US against hot pursuit on its soil

Urgent efforts underway to recover stolen Libyan weapons from al-Qaeda