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Pakistan's military and legislators plan peace talks with Taliban

President Obama said the US will not enter Pakistan. US Predators killed three Taliban fighters in South Waziristan.

US reassures Pakistan amid anti-American protests

Pakistani Politicians Reject Admiral Mullen's Charges

Afghanistan Plans To Bring Back Millions Of Refugees

US finds new friend in Uzbekistan after Pakistan fallout

No Afghanistan solution without Pakistan: Mullen

With al-Awlaki dead, it's apparent Obama's covert campaign knows no boundaries

ISI Should Restrict Activities of Haqqani Network: UK Ambassador

NATO chief presses Pakistan on 'terrorist' safe havens

China Pullout Deals Blow to Pakistan

US Predators strike again in South Waziristan

predator-uav.jpgThe strike is the third in Pakistan this week, and follows a previous strike in the tribal agency on Sept. 27.

Pakistan never backed Haqqani network-spy chief

Any US attack on militants in Pakistan unacceptable: Pasha

Pakistan says US pressure on militants must end

US squeezes Haqqani group, puts five associates on terror list

Ten Taliban fighters and a soldier were killed during clashes in Arakzai. Pakistan closed the Chaman border crossing after a soldier was killed in a bomb blast. A US senator said the military may use manned bombers to attack the Haqqani Network in Pakistan.

US adds 5 al Qaeda, Taliban, Haqqani Network, and IMU facilitators to terrorist list

The five leaders are based in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The designations highlight the interconnectedness of the various terror groups based in the region.

US Recalibrates Remarks About Pakistan

US Tempers Adm. Mike Mullen's Pakistan Remarks