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Pakistan Safe Havens Biggest Challenge for US: Allen

'German Taliban Mujahideen' leader thought killed in US airstrike

A propaganda outlet for the the Victorious Sect said that Abdul Fettah al Almani was killed. The report is unconfirmed.

Afghan Leader's Death Exposes Peace Process in Disarray

Pakistan rides out US pressure on Haqqanis

Karzai Will Hold Assembly To Decide New Peace Strategy

US - Pakistan Spar Over Support for Haqqani Terror Network

Pakistan failed to back peace bid: Karzai

The Man Behind Pakistani Spy Agency's Plot to Influence Washington

Americans Raid Haqqani Byways of Afghanistan

Haqqani Network denies killing Afghan envoy Rabbani

Afghanistan Halts Pursuit of Talks With Taliban

Dreaded militant hit squad goes rogue in Pakistan

Top Haqqani Network leaders include Arab relatives

Pakistan's ISI, Quetta Shura behind Rabbani's assassination, Afghan officials say

'Good' Pakistani Taliban commander killed in US Predator strike

Haleem Ullah was a deputy to Mullah Nazir, the Taliban leader who also claims to be a member of al Qaeda. The US has ramped up strikes in Nazir's territories this year.

Why Are Pakistan's Militant Groups Splintering?

US readies plan to tackle Haqqanis

Pakistan - Lyari college staff goes on indefinite strike

Special operations forces capture Haqqani Network's top commander in Afghanistan

Haji Mali Khan served as the top Haqqani Network commander in Afghanistan. He established and ran training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan, supported operations, and served as a key link to the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan.

Afghans give Pakistan evidence in Rabbani killing