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Pakistani PM Gilani hits back at US accusations

The US said "the lines of communication with our Pakistani counterparts remain open" despite the ISI's support of the Haqqani Network. Security forces killed 10 Taliban fighters in Arakzai and detained a commander in Karachi.

Communication lines remain open with Pakistan, says US

The Latest Ugly Truth About Pakistan

Pakistan - Need to check radicalisation of youth stressed

Pakistan warns US against hot pursuit on its soil

Urgent efforts underway to recover stolen Libyan weapons from al-Qaeda

For new commanders in Afghanistan, a fine balance

Pakistan Shows No Sign of Heeding US Scolding on Terrorism

Official: "Top" Pakistani intel officials support for terror network

US targeting Haqqani network in Pakistan

US Predators kill 6 'militants' in North Waziristan strike

predator-uav.jpgFour "militants of central Asian origin" were said to have been killed in the strike in the Mir Ali area.

Foreign minister Khar said the US risked losing Pakistan as an ally if it continues to accuse the ISI of supporting terror groups. Four "militants" were killed in an IED attack in Khyber.

As sparks fly, Pakistan warns US You will lose an ally

Pakistan Condemns US Comments About Spy Agency

Pakistan: Rift widens with new US allegations, blunt threat

ISI supported attack on US Embassy, ISAF HQ in Kabul

Admiral Mullen directly accused the ISI of supporting the Haqqani Network; Pakistan's defense and interior ministers denied the charges. Pakistan placed the founder of the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi under 10 days of house arrest. The Taliban killed five Pakistanis in Bajaur and two more in Khyber.

Afghanistan's Abdullah Abdullah: The Taliban Does Not Believe In Peace Talks

US Senate ties Pakistan aid to Haqqani crackdown