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Haqqani Militants Act Like Pakistan's Protected Partners

Jund al Khilafah claims double bombing in Kazakhstan

The Secret War: How US hunted AQ in Africa

Afghans, Pakistan may use talks to ease tensions: Turks

US Predator strike kills 4 'militants' in Mir Ali

The US has carried out five strikes in the past six days. Mir Ali is a known haven for al Qaeda and a host of terror groups based in Pakistan's tribal agency of North Waziristan.

Pakistan Spy Agency's Help Sought for Afghan Talks

Haqqani network may be linked to Kabul suicide attack: officials

Afghan-Indian agreement heralds a strategic shift in the region

Afghanistan and India have signed a strategic partnership agreement that calls for economic aid and assistance with training security forces.

Afghan insurgency: A lethal legion

Pakistan dismisses BBC claims on supporting Taliban

US Predators killed six "militants" in North Waziristan. The ISI spied on German police trainers in northern Afghanistan, and may have been passing information on them to the Taliban.

Haqqani Network Sends Message With Kabul Attacks

US has no permission to launch drone strikes in Pakistan: PM Gilani

US drones kill 6 'militants' in al Qaeda hub of Datta Khel

predator-uav.jpgThe attack in North Waziristan is the fourth in Pakistan's tribal areas in five days.

NATO should act against terrorists in Afghanistan: Gen Malik

Pakistani wolf to guard Afghan henhouse

Pak tests nuclear-capable Hatf-7 cruise missile

Suicide bomber kills 17 in Kabul, including 5 ISAF troops

A suicide bomber flipped an up-armored Rhino in the capital; the Taliban claimed credit for the attack. Three Australian soldiers were killed in Kandahar, and a female suicide bomber attacked Afghan intelligence officials in Kunar.

US Predators killed 13 Taliban fighters in a strike in South Waziristan on Oct. 26. A suicide bomber killed an anti-Taliban militia leader and his aide in Nowshera. The military successfully tested a nuclear warhead-capable cruise missile.

Pakistani support of the Afghan insurgency