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Secret memos reveal explicit nature of US, Pakistan agreement on drones

The Effectiveness Of Drone Strikes In Counterinsurgency And Counterterrorism Campaigns

Ex-Pakistani Ambassador: My Country Supports Terrorism

Civilian Deaths in Drone Strikes Cited in Report

Terrorist hideouts outside Afghanistan must be eliminated: Sediqi

Pakistan - Reporter held incommunicado by military intelligence

ISIS photos show children training at 'al Zarqawi Cubs Camp'

The ISIS images are similar to videos and photographs of child training camps in Pakistan's tribal areas that are run by the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan, the Turkistan Islamic Party, and the Islamic Jihad Union.

Pakistan - Enhancing security: K-P government to form Anti-Terrorism Force

Senior al Qaeda leader and former US detainee killed in drone strike in 2012

Hassan Ghul served as Osama bin Laden's emissary to Abu Musab al Zarqawi, and later disclosed key information that led to the killing of bin Laden. The US captured Ghul in Iraq in 2004 and transferred him to Pakistan in 2006, where he was freed one year later, only to rejoin al Qaeda.

Pakistan releases seven low-ranking Afghan Taliban prisoners

Documents reveal NSA's extensive involvement in targeted killing program

Pakistan - Booksellers take Taliban threat seriously

Pakistan - Experts Say Baradar Released, But Under Supervision

Suicide bomber kills provincial minister in Pakistan's northwest

Pakistan - How our entire history was dumped in a horse stable

In Malaysia the Hackers are Back

The Inevitable Rise Of Al-Qaeda in Libya

'White Widow' Lewthwaite 'Key' In Al Shabaab

A suicide bomber killed two Pakistani soldiers in an attack in South Waziristan. The Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan is "delighted" that Malala Yousafzai failed to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Fazlur Rahman arrives in Kabul, meets Karzai