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Finland to close embassy in Pakistan

White House denies deal to release Taliban leaders

Are the top 2 Pakistani Taliban leaders 'at each other's throats'?

Taliban U-turn : Will keep attacking Pak

Husain Haqqani interview: 'If I leave my house, I fear I will be killed'

Security forces killed 11 Taliban fighters during airstrikes in Kurram; seven militants were killed during infighting in Khyber. Five people were killed in bombings in northwestern Pakistan.

Taliban releases statement on negotiations

Pakistan's febrile politics: Open spats

Afghan Taliban announces new 'political office' in Qatar

Mohammad-Nabi-Omari.jpgThe Taliban is planning to open a new "political office" in Qatar as part of nascent peace talks with the US. The Taliban continues to demand the release of "high risk" detainees from Guantanamo as a prerequisite to the talks. The Taliban detainees all have extensive ties to al Qaeda.

Al Qaeda remains entrenched in Pakistan's tribal areas

Al Qaeda brokers new anti-US Taliban alliance in Pakistan and Afghanistan

The Shura-e-Murakeba embraces all of the major Taliban groups in North and South Waziristan, including the Haqqani Network, the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan, and groups led by Mullah Nazir and Hafiz Gul Bahadar.

The Taliban's pound of flesh

Remembering Salmaan Taseer

Eight suspected militants were killed in the Galju area of Arakzai. Security forces pounded insurgent hideouts in Upper Arakzai, killing 10 militants in an ongoing operation. The Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan vowed to stop "killing innocent people and kidnapping for ransom in Pakistan" but also to continue carrying out suicide attacks and fighting against Pakistan's security forces.

Pakistan, US assume less cooperation in future

Pakistani troops kill dangerous Taliban commander

Qari Kamran was responsible for the the murders of scores of Pakistani soldiers, policemen, and civilians in the northwest.

Year In Review: War On Terror Shifts To Pakistan

NATO supply route blockade: Rangers asked to take possession of US cargo

NATO wants relations with Pakistan back on track

Pakistan - Clearing Khyber of militants requires public support: FC