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Af-Pak Spats Spread to Singapore

Saudi 'fighter' reported killed in last drone strike

US drone strike in Pakistan ends six-week pause; 4 dead

No culprit named in Saleem Shahzad report

Afghan Police Undermine Fight Against Taliban

Study Ranks Countries on Nuclear Security

US aided Pakistan group which supported extremists

Pakistan PM fires top defence official after army generals attack on civilian leadership

Terrorists killed 35 Pakistanis at a bombing in a bazaar in Khyber. The US killed four "militants" in the first drone strike in Pakistan in 55 days. Security forces detained a wanted Taliban leader in Nowshera.

Hiding in Iran, Raising Suspicions in Europe

Talking to the Enemy: How German Diplomats Opened Channel to Taliban

Pakistan - 'No proposal to link civil nuke technology with NATO supply'

US drones strike in North Waziristan, end 2-month pause

predator-uav.jpgThe attack killed four "militants" in the Haqqani Network bastion of Miramshah. Three "Arabs" are said to be among those killed. The strike ends a 55-day-long pause in the drone campaign.

35 Pakistanis killed in blast in Khyber market

Jamrud is one of three areas in Khyber where the Pakistani military has failed to dislodge the Taliban and the Lashkar-e-Islam.

Suicide assault team kills 7 Afghans in the east

The Taliban claimed credit for the attack. Mullah Sangeen Zadran, who is closely linked to al Qaeda, is likely responsible for the suicide assault.

Omani jihadist killed during fighting along Afghan-Pakistani border

Abu-Obeida-al-Omani.jpgAbu Obedia al Omani fought "in several invasions against the American forces and their apostate agents" in the Khorasan, or Afghanistan.

Pakistan - HRCP concerned over threats to journalists

The Taliban executed 10 Frontier Corps troops in Arakzai. The Taliban said it would release the video of the execution of 15 Frontier Corps troops who were captured in Tank and killed last week.

Faqir Mohammad: '[W]e've adopted a wait and see policy'

Afghan endgame: US ready for Haqqani talks